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Botox Treatments for Improving Crow’s Feet

What are Crow’s Feet Wrinkles?

Crows Feet Treatments

Crow’s Feet, also known as laughter lines, are fine lines or wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes, usually whilst smiling or laughing.

These wrinkles around the eyes look a little like the spread out toes of a bird, hence the name.

The primary cause for Crow’s Feet is sun exposure, which ages the skin and encourages squinting. Smoking is also a risk factor.

Crow’s Feet are also simply a part of the ageing process of the face that start small and expand over time.

Crow’s Feet are treated with very small botox injections to the muscles surrounding the eye and these botox injections also serve to tighten the skin of the eyelid and give a slight lift to the eyebrow. This cosmetic beauty treatment is a rejuvenating anti-ageing procedure that will brighten your face by increasing the natural beauty of your eyes.


Our Crow’s Feet Treatment of Botox Injections are a safe and non-surgical solutions to many of the wrinkles and facial changes commonly associated with ageing.  Having the Crow’s Feet Treatment can give you a much younger and more youthful complexion and the increased confidence that can go along with that.

Other benefits of botox treatments are that the effect are temporary and all of the effects are fully reversible. Although the full benefit of the treatments may not be seen for several days after a treatment, the effects of Botox Injections for Crow’s Feet Treatments will usually last for approximately 4 to 6 months.


The side effects of crow’s feet treatments are usually very mild but may include temporary swelling, tenderness or a headache. Any side effects are usually reduced with each repeat cosmetic treatment.

The majority of people who have anti-wrinkle treatments or botox injections for crow’s feet are very satisfied with their cosmetic treatment.

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