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Botox Treatments for Improving Glabellar Lines

What are Glabellar Lines?

Glabellar Line Treatments with Botox

Glabellar lines, also known as frown lines are the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows.  These glabellar lines appear on the glabellar muscle which is situated at the top of the nose.  The glabellar lines are also often called number ’11’ lines.

These glabellar wrinkles appear over time as a result of the aging effect as well as exposure to the sun, regular frowning and tension. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic and the glabellar lines become more and more pronounced. In some cases, they stay permanently in the face, making it appear that the person is always frowning or angry.

Patients often feel that in addition to ‘the aging effect’, these lines can make you look grumpy or tired.

What benefits can the Glabellar Line Treatments provide?

Glabellar Line Treatments

The glabellar line treatments can make a positive difference to a patients self-perception, well-being, confidence and how they are perceived upon first impression.

Our experienced clinical practitioner will treat the glabellar lines with a specific pattern of botox injections designed to relax the facial muscles that cause the frown lines to appear.

We can also treat deeper lines with injections of dermal fillers.

Large studies have shown the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle treatments in reducing the appearance of glabellar lines, with improvements lasting longer with each subsequent treatment.

Side Effects of Glabellar  Line Treatments

The side effects of glabellar line treatments are usually very mild but may include temporary swelling, tenderness or a headache. Any side effects are usually reduced with each repeat cosmetic treatment.

The majority of people who have anti-wrinkle treatments or botox injections for glabellar lines are very satisfied with their cosmetic treatment.

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