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Botox Treatments to help improve the Gummy Smile

What is a Gummy Smile?

gummy smile treatment

A Gummy Smile is when a larger than normal proportion of the gums shows when smiling. This can start to bother people when a few millimeters of gum are displayed above the upper teeth when smiling. People often find themselves covering their mouth when they laugh or smile and can cause embarrassment.

Gummy Smile Treatments using Botox injections can solve this problem. The result is entirely natural looking.


After the botox injections in the gummy smile treatment people can once again smile and laugh without feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Other benefits of botox treatments are that the effect are temporary and all of the effects are fully reversible.


The side effects of gummy smile treatments are usually very mild but may include temporary swelling, tenderness or a headache. Any side effects are usually reduced with each repeat cosmetic treatment.

The majority of people who have botox injections for gummy smiles are very satisfied with their cosmetic treatment.

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