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Botox Treatments for Neck Lines and Bands

What are Neck Lines & Bands?

Neck Lines & Bands

Neck lines and bands are sometimes also known as Turkey Neck or Nefertiti Neck. Often people give away their age by the skin on the hands and neck and not on their face.

Neck lines and bands occur as we grow older and contract the muscles. These neck lines and bands can be both horizontal and vertical. As we age, jowls start to appear and the jaw line doesn’t remain smooth any more. The skin on our necks can also age and wrinkle due to sun exposure.

The aging neck is increasingly recognised for its aesthetic importance.  We can offer a number of non surgical options for neck rejuvenation.


The problems outlined above with neck lines and bands can be corrected using Botox Injections.  The botox is injected into various points in the jaw line and neck softening these lines and helping to reduce some of the pull on the lower face by giving the skin a lift.

The Neck Lines and Bands Treatment using Botox injections are a safe and non-surgical solution to the treatment of wrinkles that cause the neck lines and bands.


The side effects of Neck Lines & Bands Treatment are usually very mild but may include temporary swelling, and tenderness. Any side effects are usually reduced with each repeat cosmetic treatment.

If treatments are carried out by someone inexperienced Neck Line and Band Treatments can cause potential side effects to the voice and to swallowing etc.

The majority of people who have botox injections for Neck Lines & Bands are very satisfied with their cosmetic treatment.

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