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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your charges not displayed on your website?

Good question, and the answer to that question, is that I do not display my prices, as I don’t compete on price. Other beauty treatment providers will claim to provide beauty and cosmetic treatments for cheaper, and it’s a free market out there, so by all means you should shop around. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. I offer a service that is bespoke to my clients and I will not compromise on quality for the sake of a few pounds. So, if you are looking for quality of aftercare, expertise and results, you’re in the right place. If you are looking for the cheapest option, go on Google and the best of luck to you. If you ring in to speak to my staff they will be happy to give guide prices for our beauty & cosmetic treatment but they are, I stress, a guide only.

How old/young do I need to be to have beauty & cosmetic treatments?

Another really good question. From a technical point of view, anyone from 18 to 80 can have anti-ageing treatments. That doesn’t mean that they should, or that the beauty & cosmetic treatment will be successful. At the older end of the scale, one must realise that the effect of anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin (botox) drops off considerably from approximately age 60 onwards. This is only a rough guide but I’m just saying, don’t expect miracles. On the other hand, I’m concerned about the increase in young people with very few wrinkles seeking treatment as ‘preventative’ – losing the ability to emote through facial expressions is not a good thing. These are powerful chemicals and should be treated with respect, not as a fashion fad. Check this story from the bbc website which deals with the topic of age and cosmetic treatments.

Why are you always talking about confidence?

I’ve spent some years studying not only on the technical aspects of beauty & cosmetic treatments, but on the underlying hopes and fears of my clients, and it all leads to the inescapable truth that what everyone wants, craves even, is more confidence. How we view ourselves is a vital part of our character, and our facial features obviously make up a large part of that. Yet people seem incredibly concerned about how other people view them, and this is a real puzzle to me, as it is entirely outside of their control. Having confidence, however, is entirely within our control. I believe that working on this produces huge results in combination with the physical changes we will see with treatment. When I work with you, I make sure we dig down into how you bring your confidence to the surface. This is how I differ from an ‘average’ beauty clinic.

Take a few minutes to read my blog on this, but I can promise you, I will do all I can to not only offer you high quality treatment, but increase your confidence levels out in the real world. You’ll barely recognise yourself!

How many treatments will I need?

This will entirely depend on the result you want to achieve. At your consultation we will discuss in great detail what can (and cannot) be done and what the treatment course is likely to be.  As a rough guide,

  • simple anti-wrinkle treatment should need only 1 or 2 appointments.
  • Dermal fillers need at least 2 appointments depending on how deep the filling is required.
  • A course of peels may require between 4-6 appointments for the best effect.

The cost you are quoted represents the cost of completing the treatment, not the number of times you attend. If you need to see me a few times to get the absolute best effect, I’m happy to do so.  I would rather spend more time to get it right than promise the ‘quick fix’.

Beauty & Cosmetic treatments carried out in haste are rarely successful.

I know someone who had beauty or cosmetic treatments previously and they look a mess now. What happens if things go wrong?

In my years of providing beauty & cosmetic treatments, I have not seen a single clinic website that addresses this question. Isn’t that amazing? So, there are certain facts to be borne in mind. These are incredibly safe products in trained hands. The risks of allergy are far smaller than your average holiday vaccination, for example. But if too much product is injected too quickly, the effects will be far more exaggerated than should have been the case. This causes some very odd looking faces, as we’ve all seen.

At the consultation, we will spend time discussing the risks and benefits of any cosmetic treatment, which is when you sign your consent form, as you would with any surgical treatment at a hospital. We will spend as much time as you need to understand the treatment before I carry it out. All my clients will receive a full ‘debrief’ after their treatment, which covers certain actions which should, and should not, be done in the days following a treatment to reduce the risks of complications or treatment failure. The follow up appointment will be booked at the time of initial treatment so I can make sure the treatment has been effective as expected. If there are any unexpected minor adverse effects following treatment, you need only to contact the clinic with any queries. We’re with you every step of the way.

What other advice do you offer?

I have special interests in nutrition, weight loss and exercise programmes. I also offer advice on smoking and alcohol reduction (2 key factors, incidentally, in the ageing process). Feel free to ask me any questions about these additional issues during your consultation.

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